Writing – Examples

Eventually I would like this to be a (bi)weekly? event where we could read current events AND consider the writing. It builds knowledge to make connections to our class texts, makes students more aware of the world around them, and, of course, helps with reading AND writing. Love it. Thanks to Kelly Gallagher for this idea. Would like it to eventually fit into a scope and sequence of the year to be thematic and/or fit with our writing instruction/goals.

*Benefits of Swine Flu Vaccine (USAToday) Good example of introduction. Discuss that title is basically thesis statement here.

When Catholicism was the Target (USAToday) Interesting article, only glanced over so far but seems to consider ideas and then come to conclusion.

Toxic Hamburgers (NYTimes) Very strong intro and thesis statement. Nice example for students.

Bleeding Holders of Debit Cards Dry (NYTimes) Might work for strong conclusion. Need to read more thoughtfully.

A Path to Downward Mobility (WashPost) Support and conclusion perhaps?

In Need of Urgent Care (WashPost) Interesting article. Talk about author/credibility (not random journalist or politician; author went through medical school)

Get Out the Wallets (Zakaria Newsweek) Nice article – might fit with our “Problem/Solution” style. Will look closer soon.

There’s No Place Like Home (Newsweek) Longer intro. Straightforward discussion of facts (with interpretation but less opinion).

Some of Gallagher’s (already set up for printing and student reactions)

When Basic Survival Trumps Civil Liberties (Newsweek) Memorial Day

Making America Stupid (Friedman NYTimes) Digging for a thesis (May help students understand why it’s useful to keep it in the intro)

War on Words: Why Obama May be Abandoning Bush’s Favorite Phrase (Newsweek) Power of words; semantics


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