Writing and MLA

Here are the resources I’ve created so far to help students understand MLA and why we do it. I am looking in to “The Internet Detective” website for discussing credibility. (We’ll see.)

Here is our MLA “scavenger hunt” which will take place in the library with computers, books, myself and our fabulous librarian to assist students. A journaling component is included.

Additionally, I will offer students this handout explaining citing WEB SOURCES and this handout explaining citing BOOK SOURCES.

Of course I always direct students to both the OWL at Purdue and Diana Hacker’s site (I especially love her annotated sample paper – it IS updated for 2009).

I do not mind if students use knightcite or easybib but my concern is that these are NOT FOOLPROOF and when students do not understand the process/purpose, they make more mistakes. We take plagiarism very seriously at my school and colleges are also struggling with these issues. It’s important to me that students see the breakdown of HOW and WHY and WHAT the parts are before I ask them to “just do it”. (I would strive to do the same if I were teaching a formula in math or physics or chemistry…)

If you have any additional resources or ideas that would benefit our students – OR if you think of a handout I should create, PLEASE share! I would really appreciate it! 🙂


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