I am planning to a Problem/Solution Paper to my sophomores this fall. So far, I’m just collecting resources.

We will start brainstorming topics using the 4 square: Students fold notebook or copy paper and open it back up so that it has four squares. At the top of each square they list a topic they *think* they might like to research. Students get up and walk around the room asking questions and/or commenting on at least one of the topics on as many student papers as possible. Teachers should play, too. šŸ™‚ When students return to their desks, they look over the responses and free write about the topic they are planning to research and write about. These are still tentative, subject to both approval from the teacher as well as to changes in their own ideas.

Next class, students will be asked to commit to a topic and we will discuss NARROWING THESIS.

*Here is a resource where the teacher explains the task and offers previous student examples. I haven’t read the examples yet.


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