Vocabulary Ideas

Denotative and connotative silly from indexed.com

These 10 word lists go on the board inside a painter’s tape created area right beside the daily “agenda” which covers objectives, activities, and homework. Ideally, we will test over the vocab every other week. We are on block scheduling so every Friday we will work with vocabulary in the same time slot that we do SSR for the rest of the week. That means the first Friday will be a vocabulary activity/game/assignment and then the second Friday will be a quiz/test. Then the cycle continues!

I decided not to focus on pulling (often obscure or antiquated) words from our literature, but trying to use words that I have found myself using casually only to realize that the students do not understand what I am telling them! With that said, I am working to make the lists thematic/relevant to our units as possible. For example, the English 3 Unit 1 list is full of words that I thought they might encounter or benefit from incorporating during their Position Papers (supported by lots of research!).

English 2 (sophomores)

Unit 1

English 3 (juniors)

Unit 1

http://www.englishcompanion.com/pdfDocs/acvocabulary2.pdf Vocabulary list from Jim Burke


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