Grapes of Wrath

Nearing the end of the book, we are going to read an excerpt from Malcolm X for a change of pace. It focuses on his time in prison. Then we will watch a short clip about his life- goals, accomplishments, and death. [ADD LINK]  Following that, students will receive a copy of Malcolm X’s eulogy and instructions on how to write their own eulogy for Jim Casy (Eulogy) from the novel. Great Depression “Scavenger Hunt” readwritethink multigenre projects (museum, historical research)


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  1. The Malcolm X angle is unusual. Our Humanities teachers are just about to form a film club. Our homework was to view The Grapes of Wrathso that we share ideas for incliding the film in our Literature Study. So far we have all concentrated on the Great Depressionand on character. One teacher is reading Of Mice and Men with her class, so that was her tie-in.Thanks for the new perspective.


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